Gary Varvel Comic Series: Episode 4 - Housekeeping

In your research of retirement living options, you've probably heard the term "maintenance-free lifestyle" used. And that's with good reason! Many seniors are looking to relieve themselves of the burden of home maintenance and upkeep. In fact, many Greenwood Village South residents comment that they love spending their days doing what they want to do, instead of what they have to do. This week's episode of our comic strip series underscores this feeling!

Episode 4

At Greenwood Village South, we have an amazing team of housekeepers and maintenance technicians to keep the community and residents' homes in tip-top shape. From regularly scheduled cleanings to changing a light bulb to scheduling an appliance's all done quickly, conveniently and with a smile.

With all of these great perks and extras, you might think a senior living community lifestyle is out of your budget. However, when comparing the costs of a community versus continuing to live in your home, you may learn communities like Greenwood Village South are more affordable than you think. Check out our free guide by clicking the button below to learn more about it!

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