Gary Varvel Comic Series: Episode 1 - Friends

Last week, we previewed our collaboration with national award-winning syndicated cartoonist Gary Varvel. We're so excited to work with someone of Gary's caliber to help share the stories of residents, employees and life at Greenwood Village South.

Our first comic strip takes a light-hearted look at a common misconception of senior living communities. Many people, when they hear the term senior living community or retirement community, think of a lonely place filled with old, frail people. It's quite the opposite at Greenwood Village South!Gary comic for greenwood village south

The reality is that today's senior living communities are full of accomplished, active people. That's true here at Greenwood Village South. Residents here have an incredible variety of professions and passions...and they're all extremely welcoming and inclusive.

Click here to dive a little deeper into this common misconception about communities like Greenwood Village South, and be sure to keep an eye for our next comic strip!