Gary Varvel Comic Series: Episode 1 – Friends Recap

We hope you enjoyed the first in our series of comic strips depicting life at Greenwood Village South, presented by award-winning cartoonist Gary Varvel. Our characters began their story with move-in day at the community and the delightful surprise of a host of friends and friendliness awaiting them.

What an incredible welcome! And it happens every day here at Greenwood Village South. You'll be hard-pressed to travel anywhere within the community and not find smiling faces and folks ready to make you feel right at home.

In fact, one of our recent Employee of the Month winners has a stellar reputation for being friendly and welcoming. Debbie Hart, a driver with the Resident Services Department, is known far and wide for going above and beyond for residents and her fellow team members alike.

Click here to read more about Debbie. She's just one example of a friendly face you'll meet when you join us at Greenwood Village South.

man winning award