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4 Ways to Establish A Relationship with Caregivers

If it’s time for Dad to move into a memory care community, it’s important for both of you to be comfortable with his new setting. And while Dad will be getting caring and professional attention from his caregivers, you can—and should—get to know the people who will be assisting him on a daily basis.Here are 4 ways establish an open parent caregiver relationship that can help enhance his care—and allow you to stay actively involved in his life.

1. Meet With the Caregivers

You know your Dad best. Meet with the caregivers at your Dad’s memory care community to help determine the services that are needed for him. It’s important that caregivers for seniors truly know who they are caring for. This could include letting them know your dad’s morning routine to something as simple as his favorite song. Giving the staff these insights help them make his daily life more familiar and comfortable.

2. Share Dad’s Experiences

When Dad moves into his memory care community, ask the staff if you can bring some of his memorabilia or other reminders of his life. Explain why each of these symbols is important to Dad and what they mean to him. Getting to know your dad better will not only give the staff things to talk about with him, but it will help build the parent caregiver relationship.

3. Communicate Often

In addition to frequently communicating with your dad, plan to communicate with his caregivers, too. During the first few weeks of Dad’s move, call to check in to see how he is adjusting. This helps you stay involved in his life and gives you a sense of how and what he is doing. Communication also is key when a caregiver is having a difficult time identifying something that seems to be troubling your dad. To establish a parent caregiver relationship, let the caregivers know that you want to work together in his best interests and are willing to communicate about any issue.

4. Participate in Activities

Many memory care communities provide personalized activities that suit their residents’ interests and abilities. Family members also may be encouraged to participate in activities with their loved ones. Find out what activities are planned for your dad and if you can participate, too.For more information about parent caregiver relationships or to ask other questions about services offered in a memory care community, contact Life Care Services. We’ll work with you and your Dad to find a place that makes both you and him comfortable.