Duties and Responsibilities 

Note: The position of Staff Nurse may be an R.N. or L.P.N., all duties listed below may be performed by either.

Includes but not limited to:

Essential Job Functions

  • Job Skills/Resident Care
    • Performs professional nursing services which include resident assessments, recording vital signs, administering medications, enemas, catheterization, suctioning, intravenous fluids, sterile technique dressings, set-up and following isolation techniques, set-up and administration of oxygen, physical and emotional caring techniques.
    • Performs restorative and rehabilitative nursing for residents by communications and instructing in activities of daily living or other self help techniques as outlined in the resident care plan.
    • Makes rounds and tours on a regular basis assessing resident needs and appearance of facility, verifying resident needs are being met.
    • Responds in a swift manner to facility, resident, or staff emergencies.
    • Documents written report and provides verbal report on any/all unusual or abnormal observations, emergency care, resident need, family concerns, writing of physician orders, or changes in physician orders, narcotic records, follow-up care, resident care plan revisions, and any/all changes related to ensuring that quality resident care is provided.
    • Communicates with resident, family, Health Center staff, pharmacy and others as necessary on resident needs and concerns in a professional manner.
    • Responds with both verbal and physical communication in an endeavor to meet all emotional, social, and spiritual needs of residents, families, and staff members.
    • Oversees nursing personnel to specific assigned jobs and spot checks work to ensure Health Center standards are met.
    • Follows and abides by any/all community policies, procedures, local, state, and federal regulations.
    • Attends in-service training and educational seminars as needed to maintain professional license and keep abreast of current nursing practices.
    • Performs other duties as needed or as assigned by the Director of Nursing Services.
    • Interprets and functions within the established personnel policies of the facility.
  • Resident Rights
    • Assists in maintaining the facility’s philosophy of providing high quality nursing care while maintaining resident independence, privacy and dignity.
    • Maintains good working relationships with all other staff members, supervisors and all other facility personnel through example and precept.
    • Fosters and maintains cordial relationships with residents, their families and friends, and interested persons or groups in the community.
  • Infection Control
    • Disposes properly, the articles used for resident care, maintaining proper Infection Control.
    • Maintains proper personal and physical hygiene.
    • Follows all Infection Control/Universal Precautions as directed by policies established by the facility.



  • Professional: Graduate of accredited school of nursing, passed board exam as designated by the State Board of Health.
  • Currently licensed with the Indiana State Board of Nurses Registration and Education as either Registered Nurse (R.N.) or Licensed Practical Nurse (L.P.N.).
  • Thorough knowledge of clinical nursing, including restorative nursing practice.
  • Practical knowledge of nursing skills and standards.
  • Knowledge of the principles of management and supervision.
  • A genuine interest in geriatric nursing.
  • Well informed on the current guidelines of geriatric nursing.

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