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Financial Plans

Sound Management & Flexible Financial Options

With more than 50 years’ experience helping seniors, we understand that not everyone’s situation is the same. That is why Greenwood Village South offers flexible financing with two different options so you can choose the one that works best for you.

You can be confident you’ve chosen wisely. With Greenwood Village South’s not-for- profit ownership, your fees are reinvested in the community and in the services and amenities you use every day. Best of all, we’re managed by Life Care Services®, An LCS® Company, a well respected organization with more than 40 years’ experience managing and developing senior communities nationwide.

75% Return-of- Capital™ Plan

At Greenwood Village South, we understand the commitment you make when you choose our community, which is why we make the financial commitment to you with our 75% Return-of Capital Plan. This plan refunds the majority of your entrance fee to you or your estate regardless of how long you reside in our community. As with our other plan, you continue to pay only your monthly fee and any health care you may need.

Traditional Plan

Our Traditional Plan allows you to enjoy the benefits of continuing care for a moderate price. Under this plan, 90% of your entrance fee is refunded to you, or to your estate, less an amount equal to 1/48 th of the fee for each month you have lived at Greenwood Village South. In other words, 90% is endowed over a 48-month period. At the end of the 48 months there is no refund, but you continue to pay only your monthly fee and any health care you may need.

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Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

When is the right time for my parents to move into a retirement community?

The best time to move to any retirement community is when residents are still active and in good health. Greenwood Village South is the perfect choice for anyone who desires to continue the lifestyle they’ve come to love on the south side and enjoy the reassurance of on-site care if needed. This exceptional lifestyle will offer your loved ones the time and opportunities to discover new talents and make new friends.

How can I help my parents transition to a retirement community?

AARP suggests an adult child ask his or her parents questions that might help start the conversation.  You would not ask all these questions in one sitting, but use them as a guide for topics of conversation when the time is right.

A few examples:  Is your home still appropriate for your needs? Are there stairs or security issues?  Do you need help with household chores? Can you cook your favorite meals?  Hear the doorbell ring?  Do you feel comfortable driving? Would it be a great relief to have transportation available right at your door? Are your prescriptions current and are you taking your medications correctly? Have you seen the doctor lately? Do you get lonely, especially at mealtimes?

Can my parents decorate their residence?

Absolutely. Your parents are invited to make themselves at home by furnishing and or decorating their residence as they choose. Residents at Greenwood Village South have their wide variety of choices in apartment floorplans and designs within independent living and assisted living, plus comfortable suites for memory care.

May my parents bring their pet?

Pets are most welcome! There are a few weight and size restrictions, so just give us a call and we can give you the details.

What amenities are available?

Some of the amenities include a wellness center, arts & crafts studio, restaurant-style dining and bistro, outdoor patio, walking trails, library and more! Services include scheduled transportation, housekeeping, repair services, 24-hour security—everything they could need for maintenance-free living.

What is offered with Assisted Living?

As the name suggests, assisted living offers individuals assistance with the activities of daily living—dressing, bathing, dining, medication management—while still providing every opportunity for maintaining the highest possible level of independence. And at Greenwood Village South, this is all delivered in an atmosphere of welcoming hospitality. Services are tailored to match individual needs for maximum convenience and comfort.

Will my parent’s long-term care insurance help pay for Assisted Living or Memory Care?

Most policies do help cover the costs of Assisted Living or Memory Care, but you will need to know your specific coverage to be sure. We can help—just bring a copy of your policy with you when you visit Greenwood Village South. Long-term care insurance is not required to be a resident of Greenwood Village South.

What is Memory Care?

Memory care provides a specialized environment for residents coping with memory loss, Alzheimer’s, or other dementia-related disorders. Therapeutic activities and programs help maximize existing cognitive abilities, diminish anxiety, lessen confusion, and increase peace of mind.

When is living at home no longer an option?

A few factors to watch for: a senior who suddenly stops doing a longtime hobby, or withdraws. Sudden weight loss. Change in grooming habits. A house in disorder. An inability to follow conversations. If you suspect memory loss is disrupting your loved one’s daily routine, it could be time to seek medical advice.

What advantages does Greenwood Village South offer a senior facing memory loss?

A quality memory care program provides countless benefits such as safety, nutrition and professional support. Activities and programs provide mental stimulation and interaction. Therapeutic tools such as music and art can awaken the senses and provide moments of personal success. We use Heartfelt CONNECTIONS – A Memory Care Program® to promote physical and emotional well-being, supports daily functioning and maintains a sense of satisfaction, dignity and quality of life.

Is any assistance available for Veterans or their spouses?

If either of your parents is a Veteran or the widow of a Veteran, he or she may be eligible for a wide variety of benefits available to all U.S. military Veterans.  These include disability compensation, pension, education and training, health care, home loans, insurance, vocation, rehabilitation and employment, and burial.  At Greenwood Village South, Veterans benefits may assist with the costs associated with Assisted Living and Memory Care. Let us help you get the answers or go to

Cost Calculator

Just what is an enriching, carefree and benefit-oriented lifestyle worth? While it’s impossible to put a price on intangibles like good friends or peace of mind, it is possible to appreciate a lifestyle that liberates you from having to budget for roof repair, lawn maintenance, utilities, insurance or even nursing care. Greenwood Village South takes care of these worries and offers countless services and amenities. Once you compare your current monthly living expenses to that of our community, and see all the extras you receive, you’ll see what a value senior living at Greenwood Village South truly is!