Essential Job Functions

  • Assists in planning, scheduling, and supervising general maintenance staff.
  • Assigns maintenance crews to specific jobs and spot checks work to insure that workmanship meets standards and that safety and building standards are complied with.
  • Performs general maintenance duties, preventive maintenance, service calls, and emergency maintenance.
  • Provides on-the-job training for general maintenance staff.
  • Inspects equipment to determine repair or maintenance needs and cleanliness.
  • Recommends personnel actions.


Moderate to heavy physical effort; may be exposed to the elements (heat, cold, rain, snow); work in area with high voltage electricity, hazardous equipment and moving parts; work on rooftop and other high places; ability to set up and climb ladders safely with tools and equipment necessary for assigned work; must be able to lift 80 pounds; must be able to walk, stand and stoop for an extended period of time (over 80% of the time); exposure to a variety of chemicals and dust daily; may be exposed to the HBV and HIV viruses.

Job Type: Full-time

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