Provides all Resident hygiene needs as directed by the Charge Nurse. (i.e. bathing, showering, oral hygiene, Peri-care, toileting, hair/nail care and linen changes)

Takes resident vital signs, height/weight, intake/output measurements, etc. as applicable and requested by Charge Nurse.

Prepares resident for meals, helping those able into the dining room. Assists or feeds residents as necessary. Removes trays from resident’s room. Distributes fresh drinking water and nourishments to residents and places within easy reach of resident.

Cares for resident’s personal laundry if family does not. Observes each item marked with resident’s name. Transports personal laundry to facility laundry room.  Alert to possibility of loss or theft of personal laundry and uses appropriate measures to caution against.

Assists with admission, transfer and discharge of residents as instructed by Charge Nurse.

Makes rounds to assigned residents, anticipates residents’ needs and responds to resident call lights promptly and courteously.  Turns, positions and provides incontinent care as per facility policy.

Performs general care of residents in isolation, utilizing appropriate isolation techniques by following Universal Precautions according to HealthCareCenter policies and procedures.

Transports residents to and from various areas as necessary and as requested, maintaining residents’ safety.

Gives priority of resident needs over own personal needs.

Collects specimens and transports samples to appropriate areas, as required.

Reports to Charge Nurse any changes in condition or behavior of resident.

Maintains safety of resident during procedures and reports unsafe equipment.  Uses good personal safety techniques/body mechanics during resident care.

Accepts assignments and changes in assignments readily from Charge Nurse.  Supports decisions of Charge Nurse.  Works cooperatively with other team members striving to maintain positive working environment.

Attends in-service programs to assure own personal growth and enhance resident care and resident rights.

Assists nursing staff in treatment and care of residents as directed.

Interprets and functions within the established personnel policies.

Maintains safe, clean environment by cleaning equipment as assigned by supervisor and cooperating with other departments to assure safety.

Proper documentation of resident care on a daily flow sheet.

Proper documentation of diet and fluid intake.

Proper documentation assignment sheets as indicated.

Proper documentation of Restrain Flow Sheet.

Other documentation as directed by supervisor.

Assists in maintaining the facility’s philosophy of providing high quality nursing care while maintaining resident independence, privacy, and dignity.

Maintains good working relationships with all staff members, supervisors and all other facility personnel through example and precept.

Fosters and maintains cordial relationships with residents, their families and friends, and interested persons or groups in the community.

Reports to Charge Nurse after clocking in for scheduled shift.

Reports to Charge Nurse prior to leaving work for any reason.

Disposes properly the articles used for resident care, maintaining proper infection control.

Participates in orientation of new personnel and provides feedback to Charge Nurse.

Performs other related duties as assigned.

Maintains proper personal and physical hygiene.


  • High School education or equivalence required.
  • 105 hours Certified Nursing Assistant Program as approved by the Indiana State Board of Health or equivalent as approved by the Indiana State Board of Health.
  • Requires having name placed on Certified Nursing Assistant Registry at time of hire as required by the Indiana State Board of Health

LOCATION: Greenwood

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