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Staff Nurse


The Staff Nurse is responsible for following established policies and procedures and/or specific instructions from supervisory nursing staff. The Staff Nurse is responsible for hands on resident care, proper and timely administration of medications and treatments, accurate verbal and written reports and rapid responses to any/all emergency situations. Abides and follows established policy and procedures as outlined by the community, local, state and federal regulations.

Full Job Description:

Note: The position of Staff Nurse may be an R.N. or L.P.N., all duties listed below may be performed by either.

  • Job Skills/Resident Care
    • Performs professional nursing services which include resident assessments, recording vital signs, administering medications, enemas, catheterization, suctioning, intravenous fluids, sterile technique dressings, set-up and following isolation techniques, set-up and administration of oxygen, physical and emotional caring techniques.
    • Performs restorative and rehabilitative nursing for residents by communications and instructing in activities of daily living or other self help techniques as outlined in the resident care plan.
    • Makes rounds and tours on a regular basis assessing resident needs and appearance of facility, verifying resident needs are being met.
    • Responds in a swift manner to facility, resident, or staff emergencies.
    • Documents written report and provides verbal report on any/all unusual or abnormal observations, emergency care, resident need, family concerns, writing of physician orders, or changes in physician orders, narcotic records, follow-up care, resident care plan revisions, and any/all changes related to ensuring that quality resident care is provided.
    • Communicates with resident, family, Health Center staff, pharmacy and others as necessary on resident needs and concerns in a professional manner.
    • Responds with both verbal and physical communication in an endeavor to meet all emotional, social, and spiritual needs of residents, families, and staff members.
    • Oversees nursing personnel to specific assigned jobs and spot checks work to ensure Health Center standards are met.
    • Follows and abides by any/all community policies, procedures, local, state, and federal regulations.
    • Attends in-service training and educational seminars as needed to maintain professional license and keep abreast of current nursing practices.
    • Performs other duties as needed or as assigned by the Director of Nursing Services.
    • Interprets and functions within the established personnel policies of the facility.
  • Resident Rights
    • Assists in maintaining the facility’s philosophy of providing high quality nursing care while maintaining resident independence, privacy and dignity.
    • Maintains good working relationships with all other staff members, supervisors and all other facility personnel through example and precept.
    • Fosters and maintains cordial relationships with residents, their families and friends, and interested persons or groups in the community.
  • Infection Control
    • Disposes properly, the articles used for resident care, maintaining proper Infection Control.
    • Maintains proper personal and physical hygiene.
    • Follows all Infection Control/Universal Precautions as directed by policies established by the facility.



  • Professional: Graduate of accredited school of nursing, passed board exam as designated by the State Board of Health.
  • Currently licensed with the Indiana State Board of Nurses Registration and Education as either Registered Nurse (R.N.) or Licensed Practical Nurse (L.P.N.).
  • Thorough knowledge of clinical nursing, including restorative nursing practice.
  • Practical knowledge of nursing skills and standards.
  • Knowledge of the principles of management and supervision.
  • A genuine interest in geriatric nursing.
  • Well informed on the current guidelines of geriatric nursing.

CNA, Skilled Care


Provides direct care to residents under the supervision of the Charge Nurse. Assists nursing staff by performing various duties in accordance with established facility policies and procedures.

Full Job Description:

  • Job Skills/Resident Care
    • Provide direct resident care when necessary
    • Ensure that all physicians’ orders are followed and carried out.
    • Ensure that each resident is assisted with completing ADL needs around the clock.
    • Round daily to assess resident needs.
    • Implement restorative nursing measures when caring for all needs of the resident.
    • Address all aspects and issues of resident care.
    • Supervises all nursing personnel assigned to the unit.
    • Ensures that all assignments are completed based on resident needs and staff qualifications.
    • Ensures that all care is completed in a timely manner.
    • Makes daily rounds at least 2 times daily to assess resident conditions and needs.
    • Observe direct care administered by staff to provide suggestions for progress and improvement.
    • Supervise and assist completion of all medical record documentation.
    • Assesses the residents while eating to ensure safe and effective feeding practices.
    • Ensure that physician appointments, etc. are arranged with appropriate transportation.
    • Accountable for quality resident care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    • Practice good body mechanics and encourage use of available lifting equipment and labor saving practices.
    • Maintain clean, orderly and safe environment for the residents and employees.
    • Comply with and monitor adherence to infection control and medication policies and procedures.
    • Complete accident and incident reports and medications error reports according to facility policy.
    • Keep facility manuals in visible and accessible location for use.
    • Use, interpret and convey information related to resident care policies and procedures.
    • Give oral report to the DON on a daily basis of all pertinent care issues.
    • Initiate and contribute to the plan of care for residents in order to promote continuity of care from admission through discharge or transfer.
    • Effectively communicate with therapy to ensure follow through with rehabilitative measures.
    • Report defective equipment of potential hazards for repair or immediate remediation. Log in Work Order Log.
    • Maintain a courteous and helpful attitude towards residents, visitors and staff members.
    • Communicate resident concerns and other disciplines as necessary.
    • Coordinate other services needed by the resident.
    • Adhere to facility dress code.
    • Conduct self in a professional manner.
    • Be conscious of your role model responsibilities.
    • Utilize proper telephone etiquette.
    • Attend Care Plan conferences on unit residents.
    • Assist with quality control and quality assurance data gathering.
    • Attend discharge-planning meetings as necessary.
    • Participate in quarterly nursing management meetings.
    • Participate in other meetings or committees assigned by the DON.
    • Identify specific learning needs of the unit and implement education for staff.
    • Contribute to topics for regular in-service programs.
    • Ensure staff participation in in-service education.
    • Participate in the evaluation process of all unit employees.
    • Recognize superior performance of unit employees.
    • Implement disciplinary action on employees not following facility procedures and policies.
    • Assure completeness and thoroughness of orientation for new employees.
    • Implement systems to assure that all ADL and restorative nursing documentation is complete.
    • Monitor the medical record for completeness of information related to the resident’s care.
    • Assist in completing the Care Plan under the supervision of the MDS/Care Plan Coordinator.
    • Complete response to Medical Record Audits in a timely manner.
    • Complete rewrites by the end of every month.
    • Monitor the entire medical record for completeness, accuracy and quality.
    • Monitor use of staffing hours to fit assigned budget.
    • On-call on a rotating basis.



  • RN or LPN from an accredited or state approved school of nursing with current license to practice in the state of Indiana.
  • Two years experience in a long-term care setting with charge or comparable responsibilities.
  • Have a genuine interest in working with the geriatric population.
  • Have the ability to motivate, supervise and delegate.

Physical Demands 

  • Must be physically able to transfer and move residents bodily or by use of lifting and transferring equipment

Server (PT & FT)


The Server Person is responsible for table service in the Community dining rooms.

Full Job Description:

  • Sets tables and maintains work stations in proper order, moving in a timely manner.
  • Takes orders, provides service and requested items both graciously and courteously within proper time frames
  • Clears dishes from tables during and after meal service appropriately with a tray from the right side of the guest.
  • Answers pertinent questions about menu items. Prior knowledge is needed of menu items before taking an order.


  • Ability to understand and follow instructions in English and communicate effectively.
  • Experience waiting tables in a hotel, restaurant or club with fine dining preferred; will train.
  • Ability to interpret and explain menu, refer or answer questions, coordinate meal service process and understands requests.
  • Ability to work in close cooperation with residents, guests, visitors, families, supervisor and peers.  Requires courtesy, tact and graciousness.

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